Uintah Railroad 2-6-6-2T Locomotive Drawings

Reproductions of Original Uintah Engineering Drawings

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UINTAH RAILROAD (36 Gauge) 2-6-6-2T


Rd. No. 51


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Separate prices for all Uintah 2-6-6-2T locomotive (steam engine) drawings total $62.00

Buy the full set for $52.70 and save 15%


All drawings are the property of Roger Goldmann and may not be copied, reproduced, sold, or redistributed for profit of any kind.

Prices are subject to change without notice.







Uintah Number


To 1 ft.


Size (in.)


Drawing Title






Full set (all drawings listed below) -

Save $9.30



*BLW 12683

2 1/2


Erecting - Elevation



BLW 12684

2 1/2

30x60, 30x61, & 30x63

Erecting Cross Sections (3 sheets)


*BLW Baldwin Locomotive Works



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